Huge EMV/UFO uses the Sun’s energy – July 22, 2014

Mission Galactic Freedom

ufo_emv sun alien technology

I guess something is interacting with our Sun in those images and not just some equipment malfunction as they ( NASA ) ~ Never A Straight Answer ~ like to have us believe. ohh Just imagine the kind of Tech  this Beings have with em, it takes  balls of steel to withstand that Incredible SUPER-POWER- HEAT of RA(SUN)…… Galactic Human

At first glance it looks like these objects are particles of the sun but after analyzing a number of these so-called EMV’s these objects are more than just particles of the sun.

In fact, these EMV’s ( Electro Magnetic Vehicles) are real alien craft using the sun’s energy.

The latest image above shows a shape what looks like an EMV, a craft that was designed for flying and clearly rules out solar flares or any other natural object. The first picture of an EMV, released in 2011 (See image ‘green…

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